How to Send and Get Payments: The Complete Guide From BlueSnap

BlueSnap: How it Works, What You Can Do

To send or receive payments, you need the right tools in place. BlueSnap offers everything you need to get started with your payments. Whether you want to process a single transaction or handle multiple currencies, we have an option for you. We offer both merchant accounts and payment processing solutions so that all of your needs are met with one trusted company!

To set up your account, BlueSnap has created an easy-to-use online application process. Simply fill out the form on our site and we will contact you to complete the set up quickly.

Once your payment processing is activated, it’s time for small business owners to start accepting payments! Choose from a variety of merchant accounts or plugins that can be easily integrated into existing websites so you don’t have to search for another way to accept credit card transactions such as Shopify POS or PayPal Here.


BlueSnap also offers two different types of API connections: Native Connections (PHP) & RESTful Web Services Connections (Ruby). These tools are perfect for developers who need access live data in order to create custom solutions.

Regardless if you’re looking to accept one transaction or multiple, BlueSnap has you covered!

To get started with a merchant account today, visit and fill out the application form!

What is a Merchant Account? A merchant account allows your business to process credit cards in order to make sales. It also handles customer service disputes on behalf of merchants to avoid any complications when it comes down to chargebacks for example. This type of account requires monthly fees but often includes some level of fraud protection coverage as well so that if there are fraudulent transactions made against your company, they can be refunded at no cost instead of being charged back by the card issuer like most other types of accounts would have them do (which could lead into a $25 charge).